IBESTWIN 3.8V 1440mAh Replacement Battery for iPhone 5 A1428, A1429 and A1442 with Replacement Tool Kits, Adhesive Strip (Not for IP 5S or 5C)-3 Years Warranty


【New Battery New Cell Phone】 Bring life back to your iPhone 5 with a replacement battery, make your iPhone 5 like brand new. Brand new 0 cycle replacement battery, last over 800 cycles
【High Quality, Top-rate A Premium Battery】 1440mAh, BRAND NEW 0 CYCLE, built to last over 500 cycles. UL, FCC, CE and ROHS Certified, over-charging, over-discharging and over-heating protection for safety
【Easy to Install】 Package included manual and video guide link for replacement, easy to install it by following video guide step by step. Please watch related battery replacement video guide before disassembling expecially if you did not do it before. Incorrect operation might damage your cell phone
【CUSTOMER SERVICE & WARRANTY】 24-hour customer service support, 30-day full refund, 36-month quality warranty. We take responsibility of our product! We will refund you or send you a replacement within warranty if the product is defective.




Bring life back to your iPhone 5
IBESTWIN battery is your best choice!

Why should I replace my battery?

  • The more you use your phone, the more capacity of its battery will fade away. It means that you will have to spend more time in charging and battery will last for a shorter time.
  • Your phone shuts off suddenly? Drains battery quickly and have to charge your phone frequently, and want to get a reliable battery?
  • IBESTWIN battery is your best choice!


Made of Rate-A battery cell, built to last over 500 cycles, up to 800 cycles, long battery lifespan
Latest technology to make sure you get the most time possible out of a single charge.
Quick & Easy Installation. All remove kit included, just replace your old battery following manual guide step by step.
IBESTWIN Direct is committed to providing each customer with the high quality product.


Package Included:
1 x Manual
1 x Battery (3.8V 1440mAh) for IP5
1 x A set of Adhesive
1 x Philip PH000 Screwdriver
1 x Pentalobe(Five-Star) Screwdriver
1 x Slotted Screwdriver
2 x Plastic Spudgers(Opening Tool)
2 x Triangle Plastic Opening Tool
1 x Suction Cup
1 x Black Phone Finger Ring Stand


High Quality IC Chip
Made of high quality top rate A battery cell, manufactured and tested under strict quality control standards.
Built in smart IC chip to prevent over-charging, over-discharging, over-heating, over-circuit, over-current and other safety features.Multiple Protection for safer operation for both user and devices.


0 Cycle Battery
Brand new o cycle replacement battery.
Brand new battery provide you over charging and discharging cycles with a high-speed and efficient charge


New Battery, New Smartphone
Replace your old battery, bring life back to your old phone.
Save your money via upgrade.
Enjoy new battery life, new journey.



  • In order to avoid damaging your device, we recommend to watch video guide before your disassembling.
  • Make sure your device battery drains below 25% before disassembling, otherwise it will catch fire or explode if accidentally puncture.
  • If your device can not turn on after installation, please try to reconnect the battery connector and charge your device.
  • At the beginning, new battery is unstable, and it will reach optimal performance after charging and discharging completely for 5 cycles.
  • To reach optimal performance, please use original charger and charging core to charge the battery.
  • Only for IP 5 (Model: A1428 , A1429 and A1442), not for 5S/5C. Check the model number on the back of your phone . If you install a wrong battery fot your phone, your phone will be probably damaged. Please confirm your phone model number before payment.


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